Khombu Safety Shoes | Stylish Looking Safety Shoes From Khombu


What you are seeing above is the image of Khombu Men’s Hank-K Work Boot. These are special varieties of Men’s shoes that can serve multi-purpose, like wearing at the tough workplace environ, as also when going out to attend special occasions and functions.

An intro about Khombu Shoes:

The Brand Name “Khombu” instantly reminds the popularity of the Manufacturer. They are the producers with a rich heritage in manufacturing the ultimate in functionality engineered footwear. People throng their website for buying stylish and utility footwear for men, women, and kids.

This Khombu Men’s Hank Work Boot is coming to give you excellent performance, whenever you wear them and wherever you go.

Workplace requirements for Safety Shoes:

Basically, men working at Industrial workshops and Construction Sites need wear a pair of shoes that save their feet from all the perils. Falling of objects from the height, piercing of sharp objects into the bottom of the shoes, getting wet from water flowing on the floor, and slippery substances like oil or grease etc. are some examples.

It follows therefore that the Work Boot should be strong on the upper-side, to withstand any pressure from falling objects. The bottom sole should be thick and sturdy to overcome any sharp object piercing while walking. At the same time, the bottom sole should not also be heavy to carry along for hours together.

The pair of shoes should be water-proof to prevent getting wet and smudgy. Similarly, the shoes should be of a high gripping sole to walk on any slippery surface and prevent falling down. All the above requirements are fulfilled 100% by Khombu Men’s Hank-K Work Boot – see here how:

Specialty features of Khombu Men’s Work Boot:

These shoes are different from traditional work boots. These are made purposely to look Classic so that it should serve the wearer multi-purpose, both on the work-spot as well as wearing during functions, parties, and special occasions.

These are made with special “Nubuck” leather, namely top-grain cattle leather. For making shoes, this leather is sanded or buffed on the grain side (outside). This will give a slight nap of short protein fibers, to make the surface velvet-like. This gives longer life and durability to the leather as well.

Unlike the normal shoes, these Work Boots are provided with Padded Collar, so as to give additional support while walking. At the workplace, this will provide safety from unnecessary ankle injuries.

The exterior is made completely water-proof. So the shoes can be worn even during raining and wet-places fearlessly. The Thermolite Insulation in the interior can keep the feet warm always, in any weather including winter-chill.

The super-soft memory foam insoles give the wearer that cushion-like comfort all day long. These shoes need no polishing and only a wiping with a duster cloth is enough, to make them gleam again after use. Thus Khombu Men’s Work Boots have everything carefully fabricated to protect your feet, and give you complete safety at the work spot from all hazards.

Safety Shoe becomes Stylish Shoe:

After wearing these Khombu Work Boots at workplace, you can easily convert them into elegant-looking shoes. Importantly because these shoes are lighter in weight, you can happily feel the walking comfort. These shoes can be worn with any fabulous men’s outfits – jeans pants or suit-coat and tie affair.

The Padded Collar set-up will give you a majestic-look even without wearing socks. The soft-foam insoles will be very comfortable to make your movements soundless on any floor. You need not buy two pairs for workplace use and social gathering use, separately.

The best part is these Khombu Men’s Hank-K Work Boot (and also multipurpose) pairs are available readily online, by clicking the link

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