Practical tips to help you get the best out of your Work Boots!

So you finally got the hold of the best work boots that you always wanted and the ones that are the perfect blend of safety and comfort? What do you propose you should do with the boots in order to keep them as good as new?

Well, the good news here is, when the work boots are treated with utmost care, your favourite pair of boots could last for years, seeing the fact that they were designed for longer durability in the first place. Let’s start with the ways through which you can get maximum returns on the purchased boots:

  •    Break the boots in

Before taking your work boots to work or on a trekking or hiking trip, wear them first for a week or two when at home. The breaking them in part will soften the sole, stretch the material and enhance the overall damage resistance. It will also be a good practise to use the pair on a daily basis. However, do not wear those two days in a row.

  •    Use the boots properly

You spent almost a fortune on getting the best work boots from a brand such as Chippewa boots so check that your boots are properly worn prior to stepping out. When the boots are half worn then it is more likely that shoe parts will get damaged and deformed fast. Any straps or laces should be attached and tied securely together. Also, be mindful of the way you remove them from your feet. Do not, I repeat, do not kick them into the air, as it will lead to scratch on the surface and those scratches are almost impossible to repair.

  •    Clean the boots scrupulously

Develop a habit of cleaning your boots after use because your work boots tend to pick dirt and dust throughout the day, which means that it will be best to wipe off the surface of the pair by using soap and a damp cloth piece. You can start with scraping away the mud off your Wolverine boots, including other debris instantly so that it does not seep into the material and leave a permanent stain.

In case the grime is more obstinate than what you anticipated then adopt a more thorough cleaning approach. For one, shift to a soft-bristle brush and use warm water and baby shampoo or a mild soap, start with scrubbing your men’s work boots in a circular motion and with the right amount of pressure.

Keep in mind to not rub harder than you would rub soap on your skin. Ensure that you have the whole surface of the boot covered, including the seams and cracks.

After that, rinse off the soap through a damp sponge or washcloth. Avoid putting your footwear under a faucet.

Let your work boots dry off naturally.

In case you are extremely pressed for time then you can opt for a force of air to dray your boots. However, remember that the temperature of the forced air should not exceed 100 F because anything hotter than that will damage your boots.

  •    Store your boots wisely

Stow your work boots in a dry and cool place that has proper ventilation. You can place the boots in a box for moisture protection. If you are worried about your boots getting deformed then stuff them with newspaper before storage.

Men’s work boots from Chippewa boots and Wolverine boots, including Plantar Fascitis shoes are a form of great investment. Follow the mentioned tips to make sure that you get your money’s worth out of the purchased pair or pairs.  

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