You are seeing the picture of Aktion Safety R701 Safety Shoes with Steel Toe – Size 7. Right at the very first glance, this shoe looks sturdy and gives a feeling of safety, when you wear them on your feet. Actually, these Safety Shoes will protect you from many perils happening at your workplace. So they are highly recommended for the following valid reasons:

Who might need these Shoes?

Skilled Technicians and workmen employed mainly at Industrial workplaces and Construction Sites will find these shoes very useful. In addition, wherever safety of the feet is necessitated, it would be ideal to wear these shoes.

What are the Specialty features of making?

These Shoes are manufactured in compliance with the Indian and International Quality Standards. The material used is Synthetic Leather with PVC sole. Inside the shoe, there is high-sweat absorbing lining given. The toes are reinforced with Steel Toe. The additional protection given is resistance from oil and acid spills. These shoes are “Best” for sturdy and rugged use with a longer durability of life.

What are the benefits of Safety Shoes with Steel Toe?

First and foremost, there are pertinent Safety Rules and Regulations promulgated under the Law. These Rules specify that people working under hazardous environments must be provided with all Safety Equipments, including Safety Shoes.

These Rules are particular to safeguard the safe and secure work place environment, to prevent occurrences of mishaps. As such, by wearing these Safety Shoes with Steel Toe, you are complying with the requirements of the Law.

Despite the Law, the pain and agony sustained by these accidental events are to be borne by none other than you. By wearing these Safety Shoes, you can work worry-free in the workplace and concentrate more on the jobs on hand.

The Steel Toe provided is for additional safety, for escaping unhurt by the falling of heavy objects accidentally on your feet. These Steel reinforcement Shoes can withstand up to 75 pounds of weight falling from a height of 3 yards. You can very well imagine what will happen if you don’t wear these shoes.

Prevention of slippery accidents:

These Safety Shoes are carefully designed to be tough so that you can walk fearlessly on a slippery surface with grip. Another plus factor is these Shoes are water-proof, oil and acid resistant. In case there are any spillages of oil in your work place, or you come across acids by mistake spilled on the floor, you can cross them with no worries at all.

No Compromise on Comfort:

Eventually, in any workplace, the shop-floor personnel have to stand on their legs for a longer duration. This continuous activity of standing is sure to cause fatigue to your feet. Taking this aspect into consideration, these Safety Shoes are designed with extra caution.

The outer portion is made rough and sturdy – but the inner portion is equipped with a soft lining that will absorb sweating. Also, there will be free air-flow inside the Shoes. So you will never feel discomfort, even if you stand or walk wearing these Shoes for longer hours.

The synthetic material used in making these Shoes adds up to the comfort of being lighter in weight. Even with the Steel Toe, you won’t feel you are carrying heavy weight boots at all.

Stylish Look:

Shoes designed for men always enhance their elegance by wearing. Safety Shoes are no exception. Look at the picture of Aktion Safety Shoes published above. They are in no way inferior in the stylish looking aspect of Men’s Shoes, seen anywhere.

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