People call them by many names – Gum Boots; Safety Shoes; Rain Boots; Work Boots and Hillson Shoes. Whatever name you call it, A Rose is a Rose always. If you wear these Gum Boots your feet will thank you for the comfort, convenience, and safety you give them with respect, for sure.

Assorted uses of Gum Boots:

We know wearing Boots in regular life serves many purposes like style, look, and part of a particular Uniform like Police or Military, as well as saving our feet from many perils. Likewise, the Gum Boots are of Specialty Type, particularly manufactured and supplied with certain characteristics and elements.

These pairs are called Safety Shoes, as they are needed for protection of the feet for those working in hazardous Industries like Chemical, Electricity generation, Telephones, Building Construction, Fire, Excessive Heat and suffocating surroundings like Mines etc.  These work spots are prescribed by Government Rules and Regulations that the workmen should compulsorily wear these Work Boots. Non-compliance with these Rules will be an offense.

In addition to the above, there are other situations where people need to wear Gum Boots. When engaged in outdoor works like farming, landscaping, and excavating etc. these Boots are necessitated, because the whole place will be full of the muddy and watery surface.

Similarly, when trekking the Hills, you can’t wear ordinary shoes, since there is a high risk of slippery surfaces on the path. You need extra-grip in those surfaces and this need will be squarely fulfilled by Gum Boots.

Another largely prevalent usage for these Rain Shoes is well known to everyone. When going in Rains you need a Rain Coat along with the pair of Rain Shoes, to protect you from getting fully wet and spoiling your dress.

Important features that are expected in these Work Boots:

The first and foremost aspect of a Safety shoe pair is grip inside and outside. The inside should be smooth alright, but it cannot be slippery. So when manufacturing the Gum Boots, manufacturers bestow special attention in fixing the inside sole very smooth and grippy; as for the outside, the bottom will be with carefully designed low-lug wedge outsole, with 90 degrees angle heels.

Mostly Rubber is used for the inside and outside soles, because this is a material that is most flexible and at the same time sturdy. Leather soles are avoided to the maximum. The upper sole should be very thick so that it should withstand weight even if any heavy objects fall over them while working on Industries and Construction sites. If you get any injuries by fall of the heavy object over your feet, the consequences will be severe to cripple you from walking for days.

Wearing comfort is a must:

Since these Gum Boots are designed with higher outer walls that go up to your knees, your feet should “breathe” freely, so that you feel these Boots very comfortable to wear. That’s the reason why Rubber is selected as the material since it has elasticity. With every step you put, the material elongates and allows free air-flow inside the Shoes.

Durability and longer life are other factors while selecting the right pair of Gum Boots. Nylon and leather combination is also used of late to enhance the durability of the Boots.

Select a pair of Gum Boots that give less stress to the feet, and also knees and hips. All said and done, there is no bar in making the sturdy and comfortable Gum Boots looking lovely too. Of late, Rain Shoes for men and women are designed very attractively, with a polished and gleaming outside look.

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  1. Tex Everett

    All my working life I’ve worn Skellerup Marathon steel toe waders. Started back in the 70s. Very comfortable for all day wear.

    Definitely flexible and good for the feet. They have plenty of ‘give’ so your feet aren’t restricted.

    Would recommend gumboots for every day use to anyone.

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