You are seeing the picture of Hillson TC07HLS0022 Torpedo Safety Gumboots with Steel Toe. These are universally popular safety shoes for those working in Industrial factories and Construction sites. Why these are popular and how they save your feet from all the perils existing in such places? Let us see in detail.

What are Safety Gum Boots with Steel Toe? 

Employees working under hazardous conditions, in workplaces are to be protected from the perils by wearing safety equipment. Safety Gum Boots with Steel Toe is one such equipment. These people cannot wear ordinary leather or rubber shoes that may not withstand rough and tough surfaces and environments.

The Safety Gum Boots are manufactured with prescribed specifications under the Safety Laws. As the name itself suggests, they are provided with Steel Toe as extra protection, for the front portion of the shoes where the fingers are located.

These shoes are produced with a special type of high quality fabric – tested and treated PVC. Every feature of these shoes is designed according to International Standards of Quality for safety. Additional reinforcement is given by Steel Toe, as per prescribed specifications for dimensional accuracy, precision, and durability.

What are the risks involved in workplaces?

  • Falling and flying objects – in a workplace where machines are running and vehicles are moving there are chances of hazards of these types.
  • Punctures of sole and cuts – can happen when employees are stepping on sharp objects or struck by flying objects from sideways to hit the legs
  • Electric Shock – can happen when live-wires are crossed or handled by accident
  • Slipping, tripping and falling – can take place when the surface is wet or slippery by spillage of oil etc.
  • Fatigue by standing for longer hours – will be suffered by workmen, who are to stand necessarily for hours.
  • Burns – by fire accidents and spillage of acids etc.
  • Extreme weather conditions – can cause during working in the open areas in winter like frost bite and other diseases

How the design of Safety Gum Boots can save you?

Hilson Torpedo Safety Gum Boots with Steel Toe are made as heavy duty footwear. These can withstand all the above mentioned hazards and perils occurring in any workplace.

The shoe is designed to cover the leg-portion from the knees and the entire foot. The boots are provided with 15 inches of elevated sides for safety. So you get complete protection by wearing these shoes and moving anywhere freely and fearlessly.

The material used for making these shoes is of special quality PVC Plastic fiber. This way longer durability after constant usage is ensured without question. PVC is resistant to Electric conduction, and therefore the wearer is completely protected from electric shocks and such other perils.

The thick PVC material is abrasion resistant. You won’t get hurt by rubbing or penetration of any sharp material into the shoes, because of the anti-penetration steel mid plate. The Steel Toe is provided according to specified quality standards for safety shoes. You will be protected from foot injuries by any objects falling from above or flying from the sides etc.

The upper of the shoe is provided with soft and flexible PVC for a comfortable walk. The sole is prepared with hard PVC for better grip and you can walk on slippery surfaces freely. The shoe is completely water-resistant for wearing, even in pouring rain and rough weather conditions.

The inner lining is equipped with 100% cotton for wearing comfort. Your feet will have no fatigue even after wearing the shoes for hours together. The heat-resistant nature of the material will save you from any burns of any type.

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